Back in March I became certified in applying Balmain hair extensions but
It wasn’t until right before my wedding in August that I finally got my own set of double hair wefts placed in! You don’t understand how happy I was. I finally got to experience the luxury of Balmain hair that  my clients have been for months. After installing them I kept asking myself why I waited so long to do it!  The hair blended in so perfectly with my own hair that I couldn’t even tell the difference between mine and the balmain hair... that is until I found a strand with split ends. Then I knew that one was mine --haha. 

 My goal with these extensions was to add volume to my hair not length. I already had length. I just wanted a more full look at the ends. And that exactly what they did. As you can see it blends and looks natural.

My hair is extremely damaged -- to where my split ends have split ends! Yes, I admit to chemically and mechanically mutilating my poor strands.
I fried it to death back when I tried to be blonde in 2013. Thankfully, two years later we have more options and products to preserve the health of our hair when blonding!  
I did get a hair cut to clean off some of the split ends. The stylist cut off a lot. I am not exaggerating either. The top is choppy with a blunt weight line. It looks like I only have two very obvious layers + a little face framing. Since I still can't bring myself to chopping off 10 inches of my hair's length, I curl my hair everyday to compensate for the breakage and the thinning limp ends I've induced.

It only took 30 minutes for Francie Vo to install the wefts. We used rings with a keratin coating to protect the hair. I won't lie. It was quite uncomfortable the first few hours. I would compare the feeling to having ten tiny pony tails tied at the back of your head. It doesn't hurt. Its just a bit uncomfortable. By the next day the discomfort passes. 
Oh!  and surprisingly, caring for the hair is easy. I have simply just washed and styled my hair as I normally would. It does take a little bit more time to blow dry, but thats a given because now there is more hair than before the installation.