Seriously, I feel like the year of 2015 didn't even happen. I look back at these photos from school, holidays, vacations, and even my wedding seems unreal. Its like one long dream. I can't believe so much happened in one year and I don't even feel like I was present for any of it! As I look back I try to reassure myself sacrificing my time away from my family was actually worth it. Honestly, I'm not so convinced.
Now that I am done with school and I am some what free of all time restricting obligations my family is expecting me to jump straight into working for someone, specifically a salon. Currently, I am conflicted with:
1. Choosing to stay on a longer traditional path that is viewed to most as safe and stable.
2. The path that is filled with uncertainty and room for failure. However, will also allow me to fulfill the reasons why I signed up for school in the first place. 
                    Seems like a no brainer, right?


Photos: Marvin King
Dress: Modekungen


TOBI Grace Lace Romper  
J.Crew Necklace





i got an email today reminding me to enter the beauty changes lives scholarship. Fortunately, by some miracle I was chosen last year as one of their winners! Some of you might say it's because of my following or whatever excuse you want to come up with to downplay such a significant event in my life. I actually submitted my entry under a different name. A name most of you don't know me by. So I believe it was fair and honest.  Taking the leap into cosmetology school I knew from the beginning I was going to have to start from the ground up...again. if there's anything I've learned from the challenges in my life is to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING! don't wait around for something or someone to make a difference in your life. I strongly encourage all of you aspiring beauty professionals to apply for the same Vidal Sassoon Beauty Education scholarship at !

Trust me. I never imagined something this amazing could ever happen for me & it did! So, keep in mind that If I can do it...YOU CAN TOO.

 Feeling the support of such a generous company and respectful individuals has got me even more motivated and excited to finish school next month and somehow find a way to pay it forward! october 26th (hopefully my last day of school) can't come any sooner!

GOOD LUCK future beauty professionals 💕!!!