Seriously, I feel like the year of 2015 didn't even happen. I look back at these photos from school, holidays, vacations, and even my wedding seems unreal. Its like one long dream. I can't believe so much happened in one year and I don't even feel like I was present for any of it! As I look back I try to reassure myself sacrificing my time away from my family was actually worth it. Honestly, I'm not so convinced.
Now that I am done with school and I am some what free of all time restricting obligations my family is expecting me to jump straight into working for someone, specifically a salon. Currently, I am conflicted with:
1. Choosing to stay on a longer traditional path that is viewed to most as safe and stable.
2. The path that is filled with uncertainty and room for failure. However, will also allow me to fulfill the reasons why I signed up for school in the first place. 
                    Seems like a no brainer, right?