Happy Holidays

Christmas for me is not about receiving gifts. Although receiving gifts is nice, gift giving should not feel like an obligation or necessity. I’d prefer being surrounded by my loved ones playing games, indulging in Christmas sweets and meals, and just enjoying each others presence.  Making new memories and simply appreciating the people who are still present in your life is what Christmas is about!


My gift. Simple … yet so heart warming. Thank you Monks <3


I took full advantage of the fact that my son still believes in Santa Claus. I don’t remember what age it was that I stopped believing in Santa Claus. I don’t know if I ever did. I think it was just hard for me to grasp the concept of Santa visiting homes with chimneys…and my disappointment of not having a fireplace in our home. However, my apartment has a fireplace now! Therefore allowing me to feed into his belief of Santa- at least for this year. I thought it would be extremely fun to make this little guy’s Christmas one to remember even after he stops believing. His innocence is so inspiring and uplifting, how could I not feel like the luckiest woman/person/mother in the world and want to do such things?!

On my way back home from picking him up Christmas morning, I asked Marvin to set up the “Santa Scene” in my apartment. Since Jayce was not with me Christmas Eve we were not able to make cookies for Santa the night before as we  planned (he told me not to bake any cookies without him) so Marvin and I improvised and put Krispy Kreme donuts with a side of milk out for Santa Claus.  When we got home, he found a plate with a piece of a donut and only a sip of milk left in a glass at the fireplace near the presents and tree…he was so excited! To top it off, Marvin wrote him a note (from Santa Claus) thanking him for being such a good boy throughout the year. He was pretty happy to rip through the bountiful gifts from our  family .. but especially excited to open up his XL 3DS & Super Mario game he got from Santa Claus. I hope he is able to hold and treasure this memory for years to come, I know I will.

Happy Holidays!