photos by Marvin King

Life is a trip... As I take my son to the park to feed ducks, run around, to pick flowers, etc I'm reminded of my own child hood. I remember doing the same things with my own Mom.
I remember wondering why her and all these adults were always so stressed out. I used to wish I was an adult  too so i could take on life's challenges (I now know those were stupid wishes to wish for.) Being able to recall my childhood thoughts and ideas makes it feel like it really was not that long ago...and that is the scariest part. Time is flying faster than I have ever imagined it to. In twenty years so much has changed. I feel as though time is just slipping through my fingers and before I know it the next time I visit that park & I actually take a step back..I'm going to be in my sixties feeding the ducks, walking around, and picking flowers with my grand kids...
I get pulled back up to reality when my son starts his 
yelling, tugging and pulling on my clothes, and flashes his bright  eyes at me to play with him NOW.  I can not help but be  reminded about what life is truly about... Living in the moment.
We drown ourselves and become consumed by the stresses & worries due to our daily responsibilities and obligations that we forget what is most important. I love that my son can remind me (without knowing it of course) to look take life less seriously and actually soak in &enjoy that very moment we are living in. Oh... how lucky I am to have such an amazingly goofy, silly, sweet, smart, and thoughtful little man in my life.