Digital Love.

The time has finally come for a new t-shirt release!  I would like to present the Digital Love t-shirt!  

This design was inspired by an art class I took waaaaay back in middle school! Although it was a pain in the butt to build and develop an image through dots.. the end product was definitely gratifying. I find it really cool that up close the image just looks like a bunch of jumbled dots, but from a distance you can see clearly what the image is. Hmm.. Kind of like life. Sometimes you just have to take step back in order to interpret and appreciate the picture.

So, here is one of my favorite images (shot by Mycol Chauncey) in memory of that dreadful art project I have come to love and appreciate!

And for my ladies...I did not forget you! I've also made Women's Digital Love tanks available!

These will be available for pre-order now until 
Monday, May 13th. All items will begin shipping toward the end of May.