Throw Back Thursday - DSPORT issue #78

So, everyone has asked once or twice...

"What made you want to get in to modeling?"
"How did you start modeling?"

Funny thing is.. I never imagined myself to ever be one to participate in photo shoots or put myself out for the public to see. I've always been a very private and shy person. As a kid I always dreamt of what it could be like to be a beautiful and admired woman in the public eye, but I believed things like that don't happen to people like me and that any of my accomplishments would come strictly from schooling and slaving away working 8-5.  

However, in early 2009 thanks to the help of my good friend, Keith Selle, he opened my eyes to the potential possibilities life had to offer as a young woman. Mr. Selle was so determined to break me away from my comfort zone of following the societal standard. He succeeded. 

What I expected to be a shot in the dark actually turned out to be the beginning of my modeling experience. To give me that push I obviously needed...he somehow got in contact with someone who magically landed me my very first magazine cover - DSPORT issue 78 !  

March 2009- DSPORT Magazine kindly had me over at their studio for the photo shoot.  Before stepping foot into their studio I had probably done a total of three photo shoots. 
felt like such a newb! I was feeling so self conscious and inadequate.  How was I suppose to look and act? All I could think of my newb-ness showing?

There was a team of guys setting up the camera equipment and lights as well as prepping that beautiful red NSX for our photo shoot. As I sat there getting my hair done...I could not help but zone out. The experience was so unreal. How could  I, little ol Elissa, be sitting in a chair prepping for a magazine cover photo shoot?!  

I will never forget how amazing both Keith Selle and DSPORT have been to me for giving me a chance so early in my modeling experience. They had obviously seen something in me that I would never have  imagined to pursue on my own.

Thank you so much Keith Selle and DSPORT !

Don't forget to check out Keith Selle's work. It's not like he's retired from photography or something. He is far from that!

And for the complete photo set and interview of the DSPORT "First Date" is on their website at !