San Francisco

To someone who is not from Sacramento, 106 degree heat is unheard of. We had a heat wave that lasted for over a week and a half. My fiance, who is not yet adjusted to the temperature change, kidnapped Monks and I out to San Francisco to escape! When we got there the temperature change was drastically chilly. The chill was bearable until we hit the cable cars.
Although I have lived in California my entire life I never hopped on the cable cars and went exploring the city. It was crowded, we go suck, and considering we went when the su was going down it was extremely cold. However, what made the experience was the fact that my fiance wanted our family to share that little piece of San Francisco we had yet to explore. The best part was looking at my son's face. He was enjoying himself more than I would have expected. Childhood is so amazing to me. There is so much curiosity  and beauty that they can still see in life's most simple things.