This year was the 5th anniversary of WEKFEST! As Wekfest's Official Spokesmodel, I have had the honor of traveling nationally alongside the Wekfest crew. I could not be more proud and thankful to have been welcomed into Wekfest as more than just a Spokesmodel, but as a part of the family. Its been an incredible experience to witness first hand the consistent growth of success year after year. I love that Wekfest stands for more than just pretty faces modeling half done vehicles. Wekfest recognizes and praises the hard work and passion that actual car enthusiasts have invested into their vehicles. Although we moved the "Superbowl Wekfest" of the tour to San Jose, I must say... I and I know the rest of the crew felt welcomed with open arms. So seriously...THANK you to all who drove near and far to attend and support WEKFEST! I was blown away by the turn out. You all are amazing!

Okay, so here is why I feel that this year's event takes the cake of all the tour events in all the years I've been participating-so far.  
So, everyone who has gone to Wekfest SF or Wekfest SJ you know there is always a crazy long line to get in. In the past I have heard supporters report that they have waiting up to four hours just to get into the event itself. Although I was pretty impressed and flatter with last year's turnout, 2013 had me speechless! The picture above is the line that formed for autographs and pictures. I was in so much shock! I knew people were waiting for sometime, but I could not really gauge the approximate wait time. A couple supporters told me they waited for two hours! AMAZING! I can not thank everyone enough for being patient and waiting to purchase items, take photos, and simply have a conversation with me. I was so touched and flattered, I can only hope I made it worth your while when your turn came up! You guys had me so busy I did not take a single break until about 30 minutes after the event ended. I'm totally not complaining just want you all to know I would never want to cheat you of your time and efforts. I seriously love my supporters beyond the ends of the earth! You guys are some dedicated people and I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you all!!! =)

I have signed some pretty interesting things like boobs, necks, arms, chests, clothes, lap tops, ipads, shoes, spaces jams, cars, and the list goes on but this year I signed my first Louis Vuitton purse! I was like O_O are you sure about this (@rachellebabe) ?! Nonetheless, I was beyond flattered!

My first time getting signs made for me. Thank you @CRalphHB209 and friends! You guys were so cute. Thanks so much for being so fun and enthusiastic!