Launch Sacramento

Last weekend I went to Launch. What is Launch you ask? Its Sacramento's yearly creative celebration! Launch is a five day event, each day dedicated to a specific field such as music or fashion. This year I was only able to attend one day, the Fashion Show. It was my second fashion show I have attended in Sacramento and I must say...I really enjoyed the professional vibe of it. Although I was invited to the event and allowed "VIP" access I still feel everyone was able to get the same experience. Well, kind of. Our passes got us up to the balcony, access to the finger foods and refreshments, and the gift bags Launch kindly sent us home with. 

Growing up in Sacramento, there has never been creative encouragement. It is unfortunate because I have always known that Sacramento has had extremely talented artists, musicians, photographers, and designers but for some reason our city has been overlooked and underrated. Partially I think it is due to our city's lack of support as a whole. (I mean seriously...our own basketball team felt so unwelcomed that they were ready to relocate!) I feel that Sacramento needs an outlet for creativity to be celebrated and showcased but more importantly it needs support from our communities. While attending the fashion show I saw many familiar faces, mostly those working and living in the midtown area. Which was awesome because I love the midtown vibe- thats why we moved here of course! It was inspiring to see these familiar faces and friends join up to contribute their time away from their restaurants, salons, clothing boutiques, etc. to make this event even more enjoyable and fun!

Launch has given our local artists, musicians, photographers and designers a comfortable sense of pride in our very own city. As far as opportunity goes for expressing creativity, Sacramento has never actually been on the map-in comparison to our neighboring California cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Which is so unfortunate because our city is the capitol of California!!! Sadly, I know far too many talented individuals who feel restricted living in Sacramento. Jobs and opportunities in design work is scarce. More often than not my friends and even my own fiance are pushed to look for creative opportunities elsewhere in bigger cities, which undeniably creates a desire or even a need to move out of Sacramento. And it is so unfortunate because Sacramento is such a great place to live!

I truly hope that more Sacramento residents embrace and begin to support this event in the years to come. Its an enjoyable way to recognize as well as support our local talent in a fun ..yet professional way you would not normally expect from something creative. I am so glad I was invited by Whitney, otherwise I would have shamefully overlooked the opportunity to experience Launch