Happy Fathers Day!

To all the Fathers and Father figures out there, HAPPY FATHER's Day!
I say father figures because relationships fail, death calls, or whatever else it may be others have to pick up where a biological father has left off. I'm not doggin biological fathers, I am simply saying life happens. I believe one of the hardest things to do is to take in a child that is not biologically your own. I have seen it first hand both sides as the child losing a parent to death & present day as a mother myself coming from a failed relationship. Its amazing to me that these men are able to look past physical differences and just accept someone else's little human creation as their own. It must not be easy, especially when those kids learn to talk and express themselves. More often than not a heated argument leads into the hurtful phrase, "You're not my dad!" gets brought up. Talk about a dagger to the heart...
 It takes a strong person look beyond the words and not take it personally. 

Wishing my fiance, Marvin, a very Happy Father's Day! 
You would not even know these two are not related biologically. From the moment they met they have taken each other as their own. The love they have is beyond any relationship I have ever known. When Jayce first started calling him his dad we did not really know how to react because we were afraid to hurt feelings or step on toes. However, despite what is right or wrong by what others think or feel, my son sees Marvin as his dad & rightfully so! 

I don't know any person more suitable than Marvin to father my son.  I don't think he knows it but he has had a huge role in developing the character of my son over these years and I am okay with that. In fact, I am so thankful and appreciative of that! Simply just by being himself he has set standards and expectations within my son's mind of what is expected of a great man.