Here is to Health...

Starting Point

    My most recent visit to the doctor was a bit of a shocker. My doctor issued me a cholesterol screening and a few blood tests. I was in total shock when I saw the results. Here I am, 25 years old and thinking I was safe because I am relatively young without any apparent weight issues. My doctor stressed the importance for me to be more active and aware of my health. So, as you can see the kick start to a more healthy and active life style for me is not revolving around the desire to achieve a perfect physique, but to simply just be a better me.

    After having my son, Jayce, I realized my body was not as resilient as it used to be. Before having a child I normally would have been able to eat whatever, whenever, and as much as I wanted without a worry. I picked up where I left off and noticed that the things I was eating and the things I was not doing was affecting my body’s appearance. While my son was still in the baby toddler stages I was able to join a gym and start going heavy on the cardio and easy on the weight lifting. My body has for the most part been slim (not including the pregnancy) so my goal was never to lose weight, instead my goal has been to maintain toned. Scales for me are pointless. If I lose weight or gain doesn’t really matter to me so as long as I look and feel healthy.

    I believe the biggest obstacles I am faced with is traveling, my lack of a routine, and my hope to not alienate myself from my family with strict dieting. I travel quite a bit for both work and fun. For the last three years I have been traveling alongside Wekfest as their Official tour model and when I am not traveling with them I’m traveling with my family. I love traveling, but constantly being on the go leaves too much room for me to stray from diet and exercise - not to mention getting back into the groove of things when I get back home.

     Also, a few years back I was juggling classes for my undergrad, being a single mom, modeling and traveling with Wekfest, and staying afloat with a normal job. After getting home, feeding, bathing, and getting my son ready for bed-rarely did I ever have time or energy to work out. Going to the gym was totally out of the question. Who was supposed to watch Jayce? I figured if I can’t find time to go to the gym, I could get by with light home workouts after I put Jayce to bed.    

    My biggest challenge is my son and his perceptions. My son is older and is soaking in his surroundings even more than before. When Mommy turns down birthday cake and cup cakes, pizza, burgers, etc. I know he is wondering what the heck is wrong with my Mom?! and why is she choosing not to devour this delicious food with me?! Now when Jayce gets excited about how amazing something tastes, i will join him or share with him so he doesn’t grow up thinking his Mom is a food & dessert hating robot-alien.

   Present day, I am still modeling and traveling, taking a few post graduate classes, interning for my dream job, and coming home to my family. I have found  substituting the gym with home workouts has been working well for me. In addition to working out I have continued my attempt to be and to eat more health consciously. My journey in between all that is to find a reasonable balance between health and happiness.