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Its embarrassing to admit that my high school reunion is creeping up on me this year. Well, it is what it is. Reflecting back on my high school years I remember some of my most favorite memories being prom season. I was never one for dancing. You couldn’t get me to dance for anything! What I loved about it was searching for the dress and accessories, Google searching an updo that would be most flattering for the dress, and getting dolled up at MAC. I can understand how it sounds crazy for young women to spend money on just one extravagant night. However, that is what it is… one extravagant night! 

A night you will always remember with the peers that you have grown up with over the years. Whether you love them, despise them, admire them from a distance, choose to avoid them, or however else you may feel about them…it is your night to see one another at each other’s best.  I am not promising all your wishes come true on this evening. What I am stressing is just do it! Just go to prom! It is something everyone should experience for themselves. So if you have a controlling boyfriend or girlfriend that either doesn’t want to go or can’t go with you - ditch em! I would bet my last dollar that the relationship will end sooner than later anyways. So, enjoy the night with your friends!

To facilitate things a bit, my friend Linh and I are offering two young ladies free hair and make-up services for their prom or senior ball this year. We remember what it is like to be in high school - broke! So, let us take those two expenses off your hands.

If you are interested or know anyone who deserves to be selected, let us know!

1. Tag and explain why you or someone you know should be chosen for this Prom Project.

2. Submit entries by email to
by DM (Direct Message) through Instagram to either myself @ELISSAALVA or @LINHESQUE

3. Applicants must reside in the Bay Area.

Submission deadline is March 23rd at 11:00pm.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!